The concept, design, construction and installation of a cabinetry project is a carefully refined process, with a series of steps that must be adhered to by all parties for the job to flow smoothly. We’ve discovered over the years how important it is to keep clients well informed about the progress of a project throughout all steps of the process.

We’ve also learnt how important it is that every person involved in the project – from the estimators and project managers to the production managers, operations team and onsite installers – needs to commit to constant and ongoing communication to ensure the job is managed properly.
Here are some of the steps we’ve found to be integral to the success of any project:

Initial consultation and project coordination

We only employ experienced staff with strong design and industry backgrounds and plenty of hands-on experience to ensure the end result matches the customer’s design concept – be it residential or commercial.

At the initial meeting, we ensure we take a detailed brief and talk through the many options available, prior to commencing design drawings for the project. We brief the team about the incoming project and ensure space is allocated within the schedule.

We maintain contact with the client to ensure the start date of the project remains current and expectations for delivery are understood and allocated.


First-class shop drawings enhance the company’s broad capability, and we directly employ dedicated CAD draftspeople to develop and set out the manufacturing drawings.

Industry-leading software, TopSolid’Wood, allows for the creation of highly accurate 3D drawings to safeguard the smooth delivery of any joinery project. The software provides clients with the opportunity to preview the final product, make any changes and ensure that it meets their specific needs before any cutting commences. This eliminates project defects and last-minute alterations.

No matter the size of the project, a range of detailed plans and drawings are presented to the client for checking and approval.


Once the detailed plans and drawings are approved in writing by the client, the final designs are transformed into digital instructions for our state-of-the-art CNC machines to commence the manufacturing process. Here, the cabinetry is cut and assembled, and provisions for shelving, hinges and drawers are made. Each piece is quality-control checked as it comes to the end of the production line to ensure the high standards we set are maintained. A checklist is established to ensure all pieces required are present and correct, before preparing the order for delivery to site.


We confirm the delivery date with the client and, once established, our skilled site installers are scheduled to arrive and begin fitting the joinery. The timeframe of this installation process depends on the size and complexity of the project. We have found it to be the most efficient to have installers as part of our own staff – with contract staff available for overflow work – so they are involved in the project from the very beginning of the process. This ensures consistency and staff accountability throughout the entire process.

Once installation is complete, our staff take time to clean up and ensure the job is finished to the high standards expected.

While it does take extra time and staff resources to manage communication at this level, we’ve found over the years that going the extra step to keep clients informed at every stage really does mean a better managed project and a higher standard result for all involved.